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Innovative Representation To Set You Apart From The Pack

Powerful NBA Player Contract Negotiation from Doan Sports Management

Doan Sports Management makes certain you are set apart from the pack from day one. We utilize the best practices and surest strategies to ensure that you end up with the most favorable NBA player contract. This holds true whether you are becoming part of a team for the first time or are heading into contract negotiations for a new term.

The NBA player contract negotiating team at Doan Sports Management is headed up by the founder of the agency, Jimmy Doan. Not only is Jimmy setting himself apart as a dynamic sports management professional, but he also comes to the field of NBA representation after founding and heading up a nationwide law firm. With a seasoned attorney at your side during contract negotiations, you can count on your needs, goals, and objectives being met when the ink dries on an agreement.

Aggressive, Proactive Media and Public Relations

We not only think outside of the box, at Doan Sports Management, but we also recreated the box when it comes to media relations and public relations on behalf of our clients. We fully understand that when it comes to staying ahead of the competitive pack of NBA players, you must have an NBA player management team that crafts, implements, and manages a cutting edge media relations and public relations strategy.

Not only does the team at Doan Sports Management consider ourselves to be your biggest fan as an NBA player, but we also develop a comprehensive media and PR plan that ensures the public at large is aware of your accomplishments. Our efforts on your behalf in the realm of media and PR are designed to consistently set you apart from the NBA player pack.

Enhancing Your NBA Product Endorsement Opportunities

One of the meaningful benefits of being part of an NBA team is the potential for lucrative product endorsements. The team at Doan Sports Management not only appreciates the importance of product endorsements in your overall career, we understand how to enhance your opportunities to get and maintain profitable product endorsement contracts.

From the moment we start managing your business and associated affairs, we make product endorsement a key priority. Even if you are fresh on the court, we highlight your abilities and your bright future to different potential companies interested in player endorsements.

NBA Player Management and Financial Planning for Your Future

Another key area in which Doan Sports Management ensures you stand out apart from the pack is through our financial planning, investment, and management services. We take a long view of your financial situation. By that, it is meant that we work tirelessly to make certain that your assets are managed in such a way that you will have a comfortable existence when you retire from the game.

The team at Doan Sports Management has extensive hands-on experience when it comes to finance and asset management. We bring all of this experience to bear when it comes to making sure that your own financial goals, objectives, and existing needs appropriately are satisfied.

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Doan Sports Management maintains offices from coast-to-coast in the United States: Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and New York, We also maintain an office in London. You can call our agency at (844) 321-0000 and schedule an initial consultation with Doan Sports Management at your convenience. In addition to scheduling an appointment at any one of our offices, we can also meet with you in your home or at any other location that works for you.

The primary objective of Doan Sports Management is to come up with a complete package for you, one that truly does set you apart from the player pack. During our initial session with you, we will present strategies designed to boost and enhance your career.

With offices across the country, in Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and New York, we will always be readily available to you. We understand that in order to keep you well ahead of the game, you need easy and reliable access to your management team.

We will discuss all aspects of how we will manage your career and represent your interests. In addition, we will make sure you obtain answers to any questions you have regarding how Doan Sports Management can benefit your career, today, and into the future.

There is no cost and no obligation whatsoever associated with a preliminary consult with us. Call our agency at (844) 321-0000 any time at your convenience and we will line up a meeting with you.