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Doan Sports Management: DSM Helps Players Invest In The Future

Every great athlete needs representation, and our agency has been dedicated to players from all sports for many years. We understand the pressures involved in high stakes competition, and we are aware of the money that is paid to the best athletes in the world. The money will seduce athletes to make poor choices, and we want to help athletes make the most of their athletic careers. DSM is an agency that gets paid for every successful contract an athlete signs, but we go far beyond negotiation a contract. We serve athletes long after their retirement to see that everyone’s best interests are met.

#1 – Negotiating Fair Deals

The athletes who work with DSM are given the fairest deals in the sports world. We work hard with every client to ensure that a contract meets the needs of the athlete while negotiating in good faith towards the team or entity. Athletes are asked to give up money all the time in favor of other services, and our agents research each contract carefully before allowing an agent to sign. Agents who sign contracts with DSM agents present help themselves and the people they sign with.

#2 – Money Management

Money management during an athlete’s career can be hectic. Athletes spend a lot of time away from home, and money management helps keep the lights on while athletes are away. We provide money management services that allow athletes to focus on their craft. Athletes who travel constantly rely on our agents to pay the electric bill, make the mortgage payment, or make a payment on a car lease.

We report to your athletes on the status of their finances often, and we offer helpful hints that allow athletes to keep more of their own money. Money management services allow athletes to save money while they play, and there will be more money left over when the player’s career is over. Athletes often go bankrupt without such services, and we ensure that athletes are given a truthful evaluation of their current situation.

#3 – How Will Athletes Retire?

We work with our athletes on retirement plans long before retirement is a real consideration. We know that athletes could retire at any time, and we do not allow our athletes to play out their careers without a retirement plan. Retirement may be a consideration when a negotiation goes bad, or an athlete may need to retire due to an injury. Our agents work with athletes to create retirement plans that will carry athletes for the rest of their lives. There is no sense in making all the money athletes make without a plan for a long retirement.

#4 – What Wil Athletes Do When They Retire?

Athletes who retire from competition are still represented by agents at DSM every day. Athletes may receive endorsement deals, or athletes may choose to start their own businesses. Sound financial advice is dispensed in our offices every day, and our athletes walk away from each meeting with their agent understanding what the next step should be.

We help athletes negotiate contracts to start businesses, buy franchises, and purchase stock. Our athletes have gone into many different businesses after retirement, and we ensure that an athlete makes a wise move in the next phase of their life. The accounts we keep for athletes allow for a healthy retirement that is more stable than those of their colleagues.

#5 – Wise Investment Decisions

Many athletes choose to invest their money before retirement, and we create portfolios of stocks, bonds, and commodities that help athletes make even more money with their nest egg. Every dollar that an athlete makes on a big contract can be turned into more cash, and we work with brokers who understand how to create profits while athletes are competing.

Our goal is to create portfolios that profit our athletes for many years to come, and the wisest of athletes can live off their interest payments from big contracts. The principal balances are rarely touched, and we help athletes understand the value of such a strategy.

#6 – Planning For Families

Many young athletes do not have spouses or children when they begin playing, but most athletes get married at some point during their careers. We help set up life insurance policies for families, college funds for future children, and trusts for children. We emphasize family planning with all our athletes in an effort to make everyone in the family secure, and we suggest new family planning materials at every meeting. An athlete who works with DSM will have their future family secured completely long before retirement.

#7 – We Answer The Phone

There are athletes who prefer not to make business deals on their own, and a desire to stay out of the spotlight requires extra assistance. We act on behalf of many athletes who want to make donations, start business ventures, and invest capital in other businesses. Anyone who wishes to get in touch with a DSM athlete may contact the DSM office to work out a deal that our athletes can approve. Keeping an athlete out of the boardroom is our responsibility when our athletes want to stay away.

#8 – Our Mission is Customer Service

We want all our athletes to feel loved and welcome at the DSM office. We get paid based on the contracts that athletes sign, but we want every athlete to feel like part of the family. our goal is to support every athlete to the best of our ability, and we aim to offer the best customer service possible. An athlete may reach out to their agent at any time, and our athletes get quick answers to their questions no matter where they are.

The spouses and children of athletes may work with DSM on special financial projects, and we serve each family member as if they were our own. We understand that every member of the family wants to make the most of a lifetime of athletic competition, and our agents get to know each family intimately. Our knowledge of each client puts us in a better position to offer great customer service.

#9 – Why Is Investing Important?

There are countless tales of athletes who go bankrupt after their careers, and we will not allow any of our athletes to end up in a similar situation. We run out agency responsibly, and we manage our clients in the same manner. An athlete who is not financially inclined will feel safe with one of our agents, and an athlete who has a financial education can collaborate with our agents on money management. You need not find another institution to help manage your massive salary when we are prepared to help with all your investment needs.

The Doan Sports Management team is here to answer questions from any athlete at any time, and our knowledgeable staff helps athletes save the money they make from their hard work on the field of competition. A large salary can vanish quickly, but our DSM team is committed to keeping as much of your own money in your pocket as possible.

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