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Comprehensive Sports Representation Services

Doan Sports Management Offers NBA Players Complete Representation Services

Doan Sports Management is a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for NBA player management and representation. Founded by Jimmy Doan, the overriding objective of Doan Sports Management is to ensure each client is able to access a full range of management services. These include:

  • Contract negotiation
  • Investment and financial management
  • Endorsements
  • Public relations
  • Media relations

Doan Sports Management devises a comprehensive plan to assist an NBA player in achieving his goals and objectives. We partner closely with each client to develop the best comprehensive management plan, which we continually review to make sure it always supports a client’s objectives.

Contract Negotiation Services

Contract negotiation is a major responsibility of a sports management professional. We take that job very seriously because we know your future depends on getting the best contract possible.

The founder of our agency, Jimmy Doan, is not only certified with the NBA, but he is a successful attorney at law. Having an attorney as your manager and agent for the purposes of contract negotiations is an invaluable, powerful combination.

Investment and Financial Management from Doan Sports Management

An NBA player’s job is to do his magic on the court. An NBA player rarely has the time to deal with the myriad of issues that Doan Sports Management addresses for him. This includes developing meaningful, profitable investment strategies. Part of addressing investment issues includes coming up with a meaningful retirement strategy as well.

Doan Sports Management provides a full range of investment advisory and management services for a client. This includes funds generated not only through a players’ contract, but from other sources including endorsement as well.

Cinching Endorsement Deals with an Experienced Basketball Player Management Agency

Endorsement opportunities oftentimes require cultivation before an offer is made to an NBA player. Doan Sports Management provides skilled, effective assistance in garnering endorsement opportunities for a client.

Beyond assisting a player in finding endorsement opportunities, we also have a great deal of experience in negotiating solid endorsement contracts for our client. As mentioned, because of the fact that our firm is headed by a seasoned attorney, contract negotiations and review are specialties of Doan Sports Management.

We also understand the importance of renewal deals when it comes to endorsements. We take a proactive stance to make sure an NBA player always gets the best endorsement renewal deal.

Comprehensive Public and Media Relations Services

A key element of the comprehensive basketball player management services we provide at Doan Sports Management is comprehensive public and media relations. Our team has extensive experience in developing effective public relations strategies for clients. In addition, we have worked extensively with new and traditional media outlets, experience which is highly beneficial to our NBA clients.

If the need ever arises, we also provide crisis management and crisis communication services for our clients. The reality is that a public figure, including an NBA player, always needs to take a proactive stance on the possibility for a blip of bad publicity at some point in the future.

Schedule a Consultation with Doan Sports Management Today

Doan Sports Management is committed to being readily accessible to you at all times. As a result, we maintain offices across the United States, in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and Chicago, and New York. We also have an office in London. You can reach us at (844) 321-0000.

If you are looking for sports management for the first time, or if you are thinking about new representation, Jimmy Doan and the rest of the team at Doan Sports Management are available to meet with you and discuss our services. We can schedule a meeting with you at any of our offices, at a time that is convenient for you. We can also meet with you at another location that works best for you.

During our initial meeting with you, we will discuss the full spectrum of services that we can provide to you. As discussed, we provide a full spectrum of basketball player management services. We will focus on your specific needs and objectives and explain how our team can achieve your goals.

Our team understands that your needs differ from others when it comes to professional basketball sports management. We never take a one size fits all approach to providing management services to our NBA clients.

There is no fee and no obligation for an initial consult with Doan Sports Management. There is no obligation associated with an initial consultation with Doan Sports Management. You can schedule a meeting with us at your convenience by calling (844) 321-0000.