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DSM Difference

It’s never been “just a game” to you

From the very beginning, it was more than just a sport. In that very first little league game/race/match, while all those kids around you were simply having a “good time,” you were having an “awakening.”

And ever since that very first game, the playing field has been crowded with other athletes driven by the same dream: to become a professional athlete. But deep down, you just knew yours wasn’t a pipe dream – it was destiny. It was a calling that demanded nothing less than complete respect from you.

Doubters could doubt. The lazy ones could self-sabotage all they wanted, but you had training to do. And when the call finally came, and you were invited to be a part of the Big Time, the only surprise in your mind was that anyone else was surprised that it happened.

And now that you’ve made it, how are you going to keep it? For even at this very moment there are hundreds of other athletes out there, determined to replace you. Competition is competition. It doesn’t end just because a prize is awarded: that’s just intermission. The race to the top never ends.

So how are you going to stay on top?

You have talent, sure, but that’s not enough. You train like no other man or woman alive, but even that’s not enough. You need an edge. You need extraordinary people by your side in your extraordinary life; people ready to take out anything or anybody standing in your way. You need a strong team.

You need Doan Sports Management

Why us? We know there are plenty of agencies out there promising you the world and then some. Hey, we understand competition. We’re in the business of competition! And in our experience, sports management is best played on offense, never defense. Like any good team, we have a playbook chock full of proven strategies, a roster of true visionaries, and enough confidence in the team to get things done: we play to win. Here’s a sneak peek at our game plan. (Note: this is only part of it. Our Top Secret strategies are reserved for our clients’ eyes only)

No two athletes are alike – Every athlete has a unique skill set. A good trainer not only targets a player’s individual strengths but also aims to minimize their weaknesses. But it’s the athlete who takes the field, or the court, or the ring. At DSM, we understand that your success is our success, and everyone wins when you are given the role of captain on this team, for you are the final word on the proposed strategy for your career.

Communication is everything – A football team can have the best offensive line in the league, but they are useless if no one hears the quarterback call the plays. At Doan Sports Management, YOU are the virtual quarterback of your team. We want to hear you call the plays.

  • Want to take a risk? We’ve got your back.
  • Have a crazy idea that you think just might work? We’re listening.
  • Got a problem? Lay it on us.
  • Want to throw a hypothetical Hail Mary pass? Go for it. We’ll be there to catch it.

We know there’s a home team – For many of you, there is a family cheering in the stands, without whom it all might still be possible, but never worth it. At DSM, we know that you will perform better knowing that your family is being taken care of, so we will be there to make sure that happens.

We’re in it for the long game – Making it to the big leagues is only half the battle. Staying there is a whole different set of challenges. Let’s face it, not everyone has the right stuff. And for the few who have what it takes, it only works out when there is a perfect combination of strategy, vision, long term planning, and commitment – on both sides.

DSM knows that an athlete is more than the sport he plays – It’s easy for a professional athlete to lose sight of the big picture when consumed by their passions. That’s where DSM can help. What training regimen would be complete without working on one’s balance? Such it is with life, too. Burnout threatens more than just athletic performance. It also affects professional relationships, marriages, parenting, and self-esteem. We will help you keep your balance.

Professional Sports is as much a mental game as it is physical – As we have said before, the life of a pro is not for everyone, as it has its own set of unique challenges that only other players in the same game can understand. At DSM, we understand. We know what you’re going through as much as anyone can. We know the dangers, the pitfalls, and the mind games that can knock a person out of the game completely. In professional sports, not everyone has your best interest at heart, and sometimes it is difficult to tell the good fruit from the bad. Think of DSM as your mental bodyguard. We will go ahead of you and scout the trail, taking all the hits so you don’t have to.

We want to see you at your best – and that means that while magazine covers, TV interviews, personal records, and championship matches are wildly important to the professional athlete, so, too, are your kids’ little league games, the occasional vacation, and a night out on the town on your wedding anniversary. (That’s right – we’ll help you remember your wedding anniversary. We are all too aware of how easily an entire career can be jeopardized by one forgetful occasion.)

And at DSM, the planning doesn’t end when the career ends – Let us take care of the menial, time-consuming details that could distract you from reaching your full potential. We’ll look down the road to see that you will be financially viable for whatever is next in your life journey. Our agency will work overtime to make sure that when the roar of the crowd subsides, you will still have a healthy mind and body, posed and ready to create a life beyond sports.

Every journey to victory is fraught with starts and stops, elations and defeats, and plenty of lessons learned the hard way. But, ultimately, no victory is ever earned without a good team at your side. With Doan Sports Management you can bypass any false starts and dead ends that waste valuable time: time that could be spent winning.