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Doan Sports Management: We Work For You

NBA Player Representation with a Sharp Focus on You

Doan Sports Management is built upon a simple principle: we work for you. We exist to develop appropriate strategies to ensure that your goals and objectives as an NBA player are met.

In working to assist you in meeting your goals, our NBA basketball player management team works for you in a number of areas that include:

  • Contract negotiation
  • Financial planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Endorsement procurement
  • Public relations
  • Media relations

We Negotiate the Best Possible NBA Player Contract for You

In founding Doan Sports Management, Jimmy Doan understood that his extensive experience as a lawyer would come into play for the agency’s clients. A key role for a basketball player management agency is to negotiate the best possible contract for a client. This requires not only an understanding of the game and professional basketball more generally, but it also requires a keen appreciation of applicable legal principles.

Your Financial Future is Important to Doan Sports Management

While it’s all well and good to negotiate an ideal player’s contract in the first instance, the team at Doan Sports Management does not stop there. We understand that your focus is on the game, on becoming the best professional basketball player possible.

Our job is to work with you to ensure that your earnings properly are invested. Doing so ensures that you have the funds necessary to life the kind of life you desire. Moreover, because of our financial management efforts on your behalf, we ensure that you have the financial foundation in place to have an idyllic lifestyle when the time comes for you to retire from the game.

Winning the Endorsement Race with Doan Sports Management

If you are like more professional athletes, the sport truly is your first love. At Doan Sports Management, we understand that whenever possible, you need to diversify your earnings stream. For an NBA player, that oftentimes means obtaining appropriate product endorsements.

Our team of skilled pros at Doan Sports Management know the strategies to employ to assist in attracting key endorsement opportunities for a client like you. We recognize the importance of working to obtain a number of endorsement contracts for a client, in different niches.

Professional NBA Player Public Relations

As a general rule, a sports management agency is also the primary public relations and media relations provider for an NBA athlete. The team at Doan Sports Management includes professionals who understand how to develop a meaningful, effective public relations and media relations strategy for a player like you.

We understand that a proactive approach to PR and media relations is key to establishing and maintaining an NBA player’s public perception. We are committed to building your reputation among basketball fans, and the public more generally.

Should you ever experience a PR issue during your career, we will be there for you. Our firm is equipped with skillful professionals and the resources necessary to implement an appropriate crisis management action plan if needed.

Schedule a Consultation About Your NBA Career with Doan Sports Management Today

The experienced, professional NBA player management team at Doan Sports Management stands ready to meet with you immediately to discuss your future in the NBA. You can call us at your convenience at (844) 321-0000.

Our agency maintains offices across the United States. We are located in Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and New York. We also maintain an office in London. Doan Sports Management is committed to maintaining close contact with each of our clients.

If you seek sports management representation for the first time, or you contemplate a change in your representation, Jimmy and his team are eager to discuss what we can do for you and your career. We are wholly committed to working for you and helping you build the career you’re committed to achieving.

We can meet with you at any one of our offices. Because we constantly are on the road looking for new talent, we can also come to you.

As part of our initial meeting with you, we will provide an overview of everything that we can do for you to build your career as a professional basketball player. We will make sure you get answers to each and every question that you have about our firm and your career.

As a full-service sports management agency, we will discuss how we bring all of our resources together to benefit you. We will be ready to go to work for you from day one.

We perfectly understand that your goals and objectives are unique. We never take a one size fits all approach to our representation of an NBA player. We will develop a unique plan of action for you that fits your objectives as a player.

You bear no expense and have no obligation when you meet with us. We look forward to the opportunity of showing you what we can do for you. Again, you can schedule a meeting with us by calling (844) 321-0000.