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Doan Sports Management: When You Require a Team that Won’t Let You Down

Ask the general public about their understanding of the profession of sports management and there’s a good chance they will bring up the iconic 1996 movie Jerry McGuire because Tom Cruise’s character may be the first sports management professional represented on the big screen.

Since then, Jerry McGuire and select other fictional characters representing the sports management industry have become stereotypes–all bluster, boasting, and bucks–but by the end of the film, McGuire tapped his non-commercial side, at which point, he re-evaluated his life and asked himself whether representing 72 clients made sense and whether taking 400 phone calls a day from clients was how he wanted to live.

Not a flattering picture? You’re right. And when it comes to your representation needs, you likely already know that extremes won’t benefit you now or down the road, because without a personal investment in each and every client, relationships, like friendships and marriages, don’t survive. Sign with a firm that’s so busy building its own reputation there’s no time to attend to client needs and you’ll suffer buyer’s remorse big time. Need we add that the chances that this type of agency will go out of business fast is worthy of Las Vegas bookie odds?

At Doan Sports Management, we consider ourselves fortunate to have avoided this fate because we believe that our holistic management style is what keeps our business relationships healthy, strong, and thriving. We take a balanced, intelligent, assertive, and focused approach when handling the most critical matters an athlete and his or her family must deal with–an approach that requires us to set high ethical standards.

But words are cheap. You want substance. After all, you don’t use half measures when you engage in the sport that brought you in search of management help by showing up when it’s convenient. Your professional and personal growth requires all of the dedication and focus you can muster. We feel the same way, so we’d like to tell you about what you can expect if you allow us the privilege of taking care of your investments.

DSM staff knows as much about the international investing scene as we do about how to manage people. Our collective educational and experiential credentials are deep and varied so you won’t get wishy-washy responses to your questions about why we may recommend a certain real estate investment over another, and importantly, why we don’t. Nor will you be given single choices like some management teams who behave as though they know it all and couldn’t possibly consider your insights and thoughts about investment opportunities to be valid.

We base your unique consultation needs on your lifestyle, proclivities, and the direction you’ve chosen for your professional life, not ours. Sports management organizations that are either so lazy or dense they treat every athlete like a commodity certainly aren’t agents we would want to manage us, either.

Sure, it’s easy to use a cookie-cutter management approach by recommending the same deals, properties, and investment strategies to every athlete with whom we work—using a nondescript approach that includes giving the first athlete who bites the deal–but what kind of way would that be to manage fiscal relations with clients we respect and like?

As a member of the DSM family, we treat you like family. That means if Uncle Joe comes up with some hair-brained scheme to start buying up distressed shopping center properties, it’s our role to intercede, do a little remedial homework and research on your behalf so your management team has your back.

Toward that end, we’re prepared to meet your criteria for how tightly you want to be managed and we will bend over backward to make sure you’re fully apprised of how active a role we take when managing your investments so everyone’s on the same page. Uncle Joe could be right. We just want you to know that we’ve double-checked because we care what happens to you and your portfolio.

You set the agenda. If all you want from DSM is proper fiscal backup based on the terms of a contract covering all aspects of the real estate investment strategies you prefer, we’re good with that. But if want a one-stop-shop so you only have to deal with an intimate number of people you trust, we can do that, too. We like to think that our open lines of communication make us imminently approachable, so whether you wish to add contract negotiations, promotional direction, or recommendations for philanthropic activities to your menu of financial advisement services, all you have to do is ask.

We’re at your disposal. As a client of DSM, we take seriously the need for face-to-face meet ups, particularly when those meetings have agendas that require in-depth discussion, analysis, and face time. Whether you’re tied up at training camp and can’t get away or personal circumstances prevent you from traveling to our offices, it’s up to us as your advisors to make your life easy and come to you for sensitive discussions.

If you’ve heard rumors about high-profile sports management agencies whose principles only visit clients if billings meet a certain minimum, you’ll never run into that insulting circumstance as our client. We aspire to life-long professional relationships, which means that whether you’re just starting out or you’re already at the top of your game, our treatment won’t deviate one iota.

We offer what’s been called a “fully integrated” style of service with regard to your wealth, career, and the post-career challenges you’ll face once your playing days are history. Toward that end, our objective is to make sure that your retirement world is as secure and well-managed as it has been throughout our relationship, so if you wish to continue to allow us to manage your investments, we’re there.

As your personal team, we pride ourselves on being small enough to stay on your speed dial but big enough to offer the resources you need, including attorneys, physicians, business, and investment specialists. When unique circumstances require more, we know exactly who to call.

Gone are the days your dad or your uncle might have been the only person you needed in your life to help you navigate legal and investment waters, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for impersonal representation based on profit margin rather than personal concern. At DSM, we rely on basic instincts when we are introduced to a potential client. If things don’t feel right, it’s our obligation to suggest that the athlete go elsewhere. But if the fit feels right from the get-go, you couldn’t hire a team with more power, initiative, financial acumen, and resources.

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