About Sports Agents

If you’re interested in recruiting the in-depth assistance of a qualified and experienced sports agent, then there’s no finer company around than ours — Doan Sports Management. If you’re an athlete who wants to take your career successes to the next level, we can offer a lot to you.

The main duty of a sports agency is to handle their athlete clients’ business needs. While the athletes themselves should be busy practicing and staying in shape, their sports agents should be busy taking care of paperwork and the “business” aspects of everything. They’re generally in charge of reading and assessing contracts. They’re in charge of overseeing their clients’ finances and making sure that everything looks A-OK. They’re in charge of seeking out opportunities for endorsements that may help promote their clients in positive lights. They’re also frequently in charge of real estate, investments and retirement matters. Since the majority of athletes don’t get to work in sports for their entire lives, dependable assistance with investments and retirement issues are often extremely important to them. A good sports agent can help an athlete properly and smartly plan for his financial future. If an athlete doesn’t have the assistance and guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable agent around, he or she could flounder under the immense pressures of the fast-paced sports lifestyle. This could result in significant problems further on down the life.

As indicated previously, contract negotiation is a significant component of the job of a sports agent. If a sports agent wants to successfully negotiate a contract for his client, he needs to be extremely well-versed in his moneymaking potential. Otherwise he could risk his client losing out on a significant sum of money — not good at all. Good sports agents also need to be extremely knowledgeable regarding all of the details of the contracts their clients sign.

Sports agents also typically take on a lot of publicity work for their clients. Since agents want their clients to succeed and do well, they often spend a lot of time speaking positively about them to people they encounter throughout the day. Sports agents are in many ways their clients’ biggest and most supportive fans. They want their clients to have strong reputations. Perception is a big component of achievement in the sports world, after all. When an athlete develops a bad image in the public eye, it can often spell problems in his or her career.

If you want to work with a sports agent who has what it takes and who will always fight for you, contact us at Doan Sports Management as soon as possible. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have about our offered services.